Marriage, Babies & the End of the World: A Collection of Plays By David Lefkowitz


MARRIAGE, BABIES & THE END OF THE WORLD is a book of comic plays by David Lefkowitz.

Says critic Willard Manus: "Lefkowitz’s writing is sharp, pungent and arresting, the work of a distinctive and skillful writer." (click for the full review!)

Includes the full-length farce "THE TRIPLE WEDDING" and five hilarious short plays by David Lefkowitz, author of The Miracle of Long Johns,  co-author of Shalom Dammit! An Evening with Rabbi Sol Solomon, and the host of the Dave's Gone By radio show.

233 pages of theatrical fun!  Featuring "Blind Date," "King Solomon The Wise," "Blame Me," "Bad News" and "Last Respects."

Available in hardcover ($20) and paperback ($25). Copies signed by the author: add $3.

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