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Sat, March 7: 9am-5:21pm(MT) / 11pm-7:21pm(ET): live on uncradio.com#500: "Indie 500" - Featuring: Classic moments from the years gone by of Dave's Gone By. Plus: Live Listener Call-Ins (970-351-1256), Top 5 countdowns, Rabbi Sol Solomon, a return visit with musician Christine Lavin, and much more!

upcoming in March: musician Lisa Loeb

Listen to Dave’s Gone By episode #499 (“Ruben on Wry”), aired 2/28/15 - Dave chats with Tony-winning actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson. Inside Broadway, Dylan (march), Greeley Crime Beat, Wretched Pun (hurricane), Saturday Segues (Hudson, #500), Dave Says Bye to Leonard Nimoy.

Listen to Dave’s Gone By episode #498 (“Sight Lines”), aired 2/21/15: Dave chats with theatrical designer Lloyd Burlingame. Plus: Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on the Oscars, Saturday Segue (Lesley Gore), Inside Broadway, Dylan – Sooner & Later (fathers), Greelley Crime Beat and the Wretched Pun (autopsy).

Listen to Dave’s Gone By episode #497 (“Fast Lane”), aired 2/14/15: Rabbi Sol Solomon chats with theatrical producer Stewart F. Lane. Dave chats with UNC Radio’s Matthew Davis and Sam Wood. Plus: Inside Broadway, Dylan (the speech), Greeley Crime Beat, Wretched Pun (disco), Saturday Segue (romance).

Listen to Dave’s Gone By episode #496 (“Cole Mining”), aired 2/7/15:
Rabbi Sol Solomon chats with musician Lloyd Cole. Plus: Rabbi Sol on UC Davis, Inside Broadway, Dylan (& the Dead), Greeley Crime Beat, Wretched Pun (screenwriter), Saturday Segue (Dan Bern).


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Host Dave Lefkowitz is an award-winning playwright and a decade-long veteran of both terrestrial and internet radio. The founder of TotalTheater.com and co-publisher of Performing Arts Insider theater journal, Dave is also the recently appointed theater editor of Stagebuddy.com. Dave's monthly theater column appears in the Long Island Pulse, and he’s written for Backstage, Show Business, Long Island Woman, Playbill, Playboy, New York Theater News and Entertainment Weekly.  He holds a BFA and MFA from New York University and an MA from the University of Northern Colorado. In 2012, his staging of Shalom Dammit! An Evening with Rabbi Sol Solomon, played to notable acclaim in NYC.  From 2010-12, Dave served as the programming director for University of Northern Colorado Radio, where Dave’s Gone By airs live, Saturdays, 9am-noon(MT).

ShalomDammit.com is Rabbi Sol Solomon's blog of Rabbinical Reflections and youtube clips.  Watch Rabbi Sol's stage show, Shalom Dammit! An Evening with Rabbi Sol Solomon, on youtube! Add @RabbiSolSolomon to your Twitter feed, and join him on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sol.solomon.18
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