Shalom Dammit! Live in NYC
Subject: Rabbi Sol's stage show, recorded in an early incarnation, March 13-17, 2012 at NYC's Richmond Shepard Theater

#137 (3/6/16): Astronaut Scott Kelly
Subject: Scott Kelly returns from outer space

#136 (2/28/16): Hitler's Junk
Subject: Adolf Hitler and hypospadius

#135 (1/17/16): David Bowie
Subject: The life of rock star David Bowie

#134 (1/1/16): Farewell 2015
Subject: Rabbi Sol bids a New Year's Eve farewell to 2015

#133 (12/20/15): Word of the Year
Subject: Merriam-Webster's picks its 2015 Word of the Year

#132 (12/12/15): Hanukah Haiku
Subject: Chanukah celebrated with tiny, yet festive, Japanese poems.

#131 (8/23/15): Jimmy Carter
Subject: The life of ailing U.S. president, Jimmy Carter

#130 (8/2/15): Cecil the Lion
Subject: The killing of Cecil the endangered African lion by a rich American hunter.

#129 (7/12/15): With a Little Help
Subject: Rabbi Sol deconstructs The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends"

#128 (6/28/15): Scalia
Subject: The rulings of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

#127 (6/21/15): Jenna Jameson
Subject: Former porn actress Jenna Jameson converts to Judaism

#126 (6/7/15): The 2015 Tony Awards
Subject: Broadway's 2014-15 Tony Awards

#125 (5/24/15): Harry Shearer
Subject: Harry Shearer's decision to leave "The Simpsons"

#124 (5/17/15): Baby Names
Subject: The 2014 list of most popular baby names

#123 (5/3/15): Popeyes
Subject: One franchise's reaction to a robbery

#122 (4/19/15): Campaign 2016
Subject: Hillary Clinton enters the 2016 presidential race

#121 (4/5/15): Passover's Plagues
Subject: The ten plagues of Pesach

#120 (3/29/15): Bibi's Back
Subject: The reelection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

#119 (3/8/15): Dave's 500th
Subject: Celebrating the 500th episode of the Dave's Gone By radio program

#118 (3/1/15): New Purim Jokes
Subject: Jokes

#117 (2/22/15): Oscars 2015
Subject: The 2015 Academy Awards nominees

#116 (2/8/15): UC Dervish
Subject: The anti-Israel vote by the student council of UC Davis

#115 (2/1/15): Letters, I Get Letters
Subject: Rabbi Sol responds to fan letters about rape and Islam

#114 (1/11/15): Political Cartoons
Subject: The terrorist attack at Paris's Charlie Hebdo newspaper

#113 (12/21/14): Little Yomo and the Corned Beef Sandwich
Subject: A story for Chanukah

#112 (12/7/14): Cos
Subject: The troubles facing comedian Bill Cosby

#111 (11/23/14): Murder in Jerusalem
Subject: Just in time for Thanksgiving - a terrorist attack in Jerusalem

#110 (11/16/14): Christmas in November
Subject: The endless holiday season

#109 (10/19/14): Ebola
Subject: The spreading Ebola virus

#108 (9/28/14): OpiYum
Subject: The Chinese chef who made his noodles a little too tempting

#107 (9/21/14): Gwyneth
Subject: Gwyneth Paltrow's religious affiliation

#106 (9/7/14): Uzi Does It
Subject: Nine-year-olds and submachine guns don't mix

#105 (8/31/14): Eventful August
Subject: Events in the crazy month of August 2014

#104 (8/3/14): Going Great Guns in Gaza
Subject: The war against Hamas in Gaza

#103 (7/5/14): Brothers' Keepers
Subject: The kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas

#102 (6/8/14): The 2014 Tony Awards
Subject: Broadway's 2013-14 Tony Awards

#101 (5/25/14): Gabriel Diaz
Subject: Gabriel Diaz, New York City's Nazi cabdriver

#100 (5/18/14): Boko Haram
Subject: The kidnappers of the Boko Haram terrorist organization in Nigeria

#99 (4/20/14): Utz vs. Butler
Subject: The case of the peed-in coffee pot

#98 (3/30/14): Fred Phelps
Subject: The death of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps

#97 (3/23/14): Hearing Voices
Subject: Crazy people who do crazier things

#96 (3/16/14): Purim Jokes 2014
Subject: Jokes

#95 (3/9/14): Upskirt
Subject: The new laws pertaining to upskirt photography

#94 (3/2/14): Kiev

Subject: The political turmoil in the Ukraine

#93 (2/23/14): RadioShack

Subject: The troubles of RadioShack

#92 (2/16/14): Sochi

Subject: The winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

#91 (2/9/14): SodaStream & ScarJo

Subject: SodaStream spokesperson and former Oxfam ambassador Scarlett Johansson

#90 (2/2/14): Justin Bieber

Subject: The troubles of teen pop star Justin Bieber

#89 (1/26/14): Hiroo Onoda

Subject: The passing of Japanese WWII soldier Hiroo Onoda

#88 (1/19/14): Ariel Sharon

Subject: The passing of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

#87 (1/12/14): Duck Amuck

Subject: The inflammatory statements of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson

#86 (12/29/13): New Year 2014

Subject: The year gone by and the year ahead

#085 (12/22/13): Passings in 2013

Subject: Notable passings in 2013

#084 (12/8/13): Ronnie Smith in Benghazi

Subject: The death of an American schoolteacher in Libya

#083 (12/1/13): Thanksgiving Meets Chanukah

Subject: The rare confluence of two great holidays, Chanukah and Thanksgiving

#082 (11/17/13): Crystal Spa

Subject: An unfortunate German advertisement

#081 (11/10/13): Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

Subject: Lay's rolls out the latest snack sensation

#080 (11/3/13): Redskins

Subject: Changing the name of the Washington Redskins football team

#079 (10/27/13): Motorcycle Mayhem

Subject: The recent biker gang melee on a New York highway

#078 (10/6/13): Shutdown

Subject: The government shutdown over budget ceilings and Obamacare

#077 (9/29/13): Syria

Subject: Bashar al Assad's poison gas attack on his own people

#076 (9/8/13): Fast Food on Strike

Subject: Workers at fast-food restaurants are demanding better wages

#075 (9/1/13): Egypt Again

Subject: The current chaos in Egypt

#074 (8/18/13): Baby Messiah

Subject: A Tennessee judge forbids a couple from naming their baby Messiah

#073 (7/28/13): Abortion in Texas

Subject: New abortion legislation signed into law in Texas

#072 (6/30/13): Shalom Dammit! in Greeley

Subject: Rabbi Sol brings his live stage show to Greeley, CO

#071 (6/23/13): Michael Karkoc

Subject: 94-year-old Nazi, Michael Karkoc

#070 (6/16/13): Michael Douglas

Subject: Michael Douglas and HPV

#069 (6/8/13): The Tonys 2013

Subject: the 2012-13 Broadway Tony Awards

#068 (5/26/13): Angelina Jolie

Subject: Angelina Jolie's choice to undergo a preventative double mastectomy

#067 (5/19/13): Tax Evasion

Subject: The IRS tax exemption scandal

#066 (5/12/13): Jodi on HLN

Subject: HLN's coverage of the Jodi Arias murder trial

#065 (5/5/13): Joking around

Subject: Jokes

#064 (4/21/13): The Tsarnaev Brothers and the "M" word

Subject: The Boston marathon bombers and their origins

#063 (4/14/13): Jew in a Box

Subject: The Berlin Jewish Museum's exhibit featuring a Jewish person displayed in a glass case

#062 (4/7/13): Roger Ebert

Subject: Movie critic Roger Ebert fades into the sunset

#061 (3/17/13): Sugar Sugar

Subject: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on oversized soft drinks

#060 (3/10/13): Whose Line Returns

Subject: The return to TV of the improv comedy show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

#059 (3/3/13): Disappearing Delis

Subject: The closing of Jewish and Kosher delicatessens in New York and around the country

#058 (2/24/13): More Purim Jokes

Subject: Jokes

#057 (2/17/13): Pope Benedict Retires

Subject: The legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

#056 (2/10/13): Valentine's Day

Subject: How Valentine's Day can bring out the love in all of us

#055 (2/3/13): Oldies but Goodies

Subject: The resurgence of 1960s rock-and-roll legends in popular culture

#054 (1/27/13): The Battle of Algiers

Subject: The hostage crisis in Algeria

#053 (1/20/13): Lance Armstrong

Subject: Disgraced bicyclist Lance Armstrong confesses to doping

#052 (1/13/13): Al Gorezeera

Subject: Al Gore sells Current TV to Al Jazeera

#051 (12/30/12): 2012 Farewell

Subject: Rabbi Sol bids farewell to the old year, 2012

#050 (12/23/12): Gun Control

Subject: Calls for gun control in the wake of the Newtown, CT school shootings

#049 (12/16/12): Molest We Forget

Subject: Convicted child molester, Rabbi Nechemiah Weberman

#048 (12/9/12): Chanukah

Subject: The Chanukah holiday

#047 (11/25/12): Gaza Gaza Hey

Subject: Israel versus the Palestinians in Gaza

#046 (10/7/12): Dave's Gone By

Subject: Tenth anniversary of the radio program, Dave's Gone By

#045 (9/30/12): Subway Savagery

Subject: Controversial anti-terrorism ad in the New York City subway system

#044 (9/23/12): Atonement

Subject: Yom Kippur, the day of atonement

#043 (9/9/12): New Reviews

Subject: More rave reviews for the Rabbi's live stage show in New York, "Shalom Dammit!"

#042 (6/10/12): Jews in the Tonys

Subject: the 2011-12 Broadway Tony Awards

#041 (5/13/12): Arresting the Molesting

Subject: Sexual abuse of children in the Orthodox Jewish community

#040 (4/8/12): Mezuzah Meshugah

Subject: A woman battles her co-op over hanging a mezuzah on her door

#039 (3/25/12): Rave Reviews

Subject: Rabbi Sol kvells over the rave reviews for his live stage show, "Shalom Dammit!"

#038 (2/19/12): Shalom Dammit Live in NYC!

Subject: Rabbi Sol promotes the New York City production of his live stage show, "Shalom Dammit!"

#037 (2/5/12): More Jokes

Subject: Jokes

#036 (1/29/12): Jewish GPS

Subject: Rabbi Sol lends his voice to a Jewish GPS system

#035 (1/22/12): Gay Tel Aviv

Subject: Tolerance in Israel, as Tel Aviv is voted the best gay city in the world

#034 (1/15/12): Mitt Romney

Subject: Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney

#033 (12/18/11): Newt Gingrich

Subject: Newt Gingrich's pro-Israeli stance

#032 (12/11/11): Post Office

Subject: The U.S. Post Office raises its rates

#031 (12/4/11): Coca Cola

Subject: Coca Cola makes a marketing gaffe

#030 (11/27/11): Questions

Subject: Questions raised by Rabbi Sol's live stage show, "Shalom Dammit!"

#029 (11/13/11): Shalom Dammit! Live

Subject: Rabbi Sol Solomon promotes his stage show, "Shalom Dammit!"

#028 (11/5/11): Kardashian Divorce

Subject: Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries

#027 (10/30/11): Blackout

Subject: Snowstorms causing blackouts in Northern Colorado

#026 (10/23/11): Occupied

Subject: The Occupy Wall Street movement

#025 (10/2/11): Days of Awe

Subject: The Jewish high holy days

#024 (9/24/11): Statehood?

Subject: The question of Palestinian statehood

#023 (9/11/11): 9/11

Subject: The tenth anniversary of September 11th

#022 (8/28/11): Reb Levin

Subject: Homophobic Rabbi Yehuda Levin

#021 (8/21/11): Downturn

Subject: Fluctuations in the stock market

#020 (7/3/11): July 4th

Subject: July 4th holiday

#019 (6/25/11): Ryan Dunn

Subject: The death of "Jackass" TV personality, Ryan Dunn

#018 (6/19/11): Father's Day

Subject: Father's Day

#017 (6/12/11): Tony Awards

Subject: The 2010-11 Broadway Tony Awards

#016 (5/14/11): Birthday

Subject: Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day

#015 (5/7/11): Dead! Dead! Dead!

Subject: The death of Osama bin Laden

#014 (5/1/11): Royal Wedding

Subject: Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton

#013 (4/24/11): Easter

Subject: Easter Sunday

#012 (4/10/11): Killer Whale

Subject: Tilikum, SeaWorld's killer whale lives up to its name

#011 (4/3/11): Circumcisions

Subject: A proposed ban on circumcisions

#010 (3/27/11): Japan

Subject: Gilbert Gottfried's tweet about Japan's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami

#009 (3/20/11): Purim Jokes

Subject: Jokes

#008 (3/13/11): Gas Prices

Subject: Gasoline prices

#007 (3/6/11): The Pope

Subject: Pope Benedict's new book about Jesus and the Jews

#006 (2/27/11): Charlie Sheen

Subject: Charlie Sheen's troubles with women, drugs and soundbytes

#005 (2/20/11): Presidents Day

Subject: Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, and Presidents Day in general

#004 (2/13/11): Egypt

Subject: Political uprising and turmoil in Egypt

#003 (1/30/11): Taco Bell

Subject: The Taco Bell restaurant lawsuit

#002 (1/23/11): Regis Philbin

Subject: Regis Philbin leaves TV's "Regis & Kelly"

#001 (1/16/11): MLK

Subject: Martin Luther King Day

NOTE: Listings below are from an earlier incarnation of the Rabbinical Reflections series

#0001 (6/2/05): The 2005 Tony Awards

Subject: The 2005 Broadway Tony Awards

#0002 (12/9/04): Chanukah

Subject: Chanukah - Is it Good for the Jews?

#0003 (11/11/04): Yasser Arafat

Subject: The death of Arab terrorist Yasser Arafat

#0004 (11/4/04): Dave's Gone By Turns 100

Subject: The 100th episode of the Dave's Gone By radio program

#0005 (10/13/03): Columbus Day

Subject: Was Christopher Columbus Jewish?

#0006 (9/8/03): Shavuot

Subject: the Jewish holiday of Shavuot

#0007 (4/13/03): On Pesach

Subject: The Jewish holiday of Passover, including the Rebbe's own version of "Dayenu."

#0008 (3/16/03): Purim holiday

Subject: The story of Purim, plus the Rabbi's song, "Don't Mess with Us."

#0009 (10/6/02): Breast cancer awareness

Subject: The importance of early detection